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Newspaper Beads

Jewelry that is priceless.

You'll need:

old newspaper
white glue


craft paint

ribbon or string


Let's start:

Tear old newspaper into small pieces and place them into a large pot.
Heat up some water and pour the boiling water into the large pot with the newspaper.
Let the water and the newspaper to sit for an hour but once in a while stir the newspaper to break it up.
After an hour, pour out the water.
Add the glue to the newspaper and roll the newspaper into small round balls to form beads.
Set the beads aside for a couple days to allow them to dry.
When the beads are dry, smooth down the sides with sandpaper.
Using the drill, make a hole in all the beads and apply craft paint.
Let the layer of paint dry before you apply varnish.
After the varnish dries, the beads are ready to be strung together with your ribbon.

*project idea via National Geographic Kids