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Fun Math Activity for Kids

A child who can manage their stock portfolio by the ripe old age of five is probably one of those things that should remain in Fantasy Land. The good news is, it's never too early to begin teaching your child about money. For this activity, you'll just need a few simple items...

  • Bank aka a plastic jar/cup/etc, so long as it has a plastic lid.
  • Currency - our suggestions include large colorful buttons, bottle caps, and lids from milk jugs.

Once the new bank has been washed, cut a rectangular slit in the lid, remembering to ensure it is large enough for your chosen currency. After you've re-secured the lid, you're basically in business. An optional idea? If your child loves art projects, let them be involved. Break out the glitter pens, stamps and magic markers, then sit down and help them decorate their bank.

Now it's time to introduce your child to the first payment of their allowance. After letting them see you drop the buttons into their new bank, take them out and let them do it on their own.

The best part about the bank activity is its ability to grow with your child. Even if it starts out as a homemade rattle, it's a great tool to help little ones learn numbers, colors, shapes, and more.