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About Us

A child born within the last 10 years will never know a life that did not involve technology. If they were born within the last few years, it's not unlikely for the child to have mastered the use of an iPhone or iPad before they've mastered fluent speech.

As tempting as it may be to hand over the iPad for movies and games, it is important to remember that learning begins in infancy. Scientists have discovered that the human brain is most receptive to learning between the ages of birth and three years. Because many will not begin to receive a formal education for another 2-3 years, it is critical that parents and caregivers engage in early learning activities at home.

We began Fun Worksheets because we are passionate about the importance of education for all children, whether toddlers or school-aged. As the phrase, 'I need some fun, educational activities to do with my kids!' was heard with increasing frequency, we wanted to help. At Fun Worksheets, we strive to provide educational worksheets, at-home activity ideas, as well as tips and tricks on how to combine family time with life-long learning.