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Our Favorite Adventurer

Tom Sawyer PicOne of the most beloved children's book of all time was written by Mark Twain in the late 1800's. I am talking about none other than The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, which was Mark Twain's first book featuring the famous Tom Sawyer and written in 1876. In it, Mark Twain tells the reader that most of the events in the book really did happen, and that the book is for the most part a compilation of life experiences involving multiple people.

Twain also brings out that there may be some things in the book that the reader may find peculiar at the time of his reading the book, and this is because some of the superstitions mentioned in the book come from a time period and location not too often written about: the West during the time of slavery in the USA. Twain is sure to remind the reader that although the book was intended for children, he hopes that adults will enjoy the book as well, as it may bring back memories of all of the mischief they caused during their childhood.

If you have ever read this book before, we would love to hear your thoughts on your favorite parts of the book and why it is an effective piece of literature. Contact us today!