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Helping Young Children To Recognize Sounds

Child Reading Pic
Helping a young child to learn how to read is no doubt one of the most precious and heart-warming times in the life of a parent. Some parents find this phase to be quite challenging, and it can be qui.... read more

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4 Strategies to Keep Kids Engaged At School

School Days
In the age of iPads, learning games and Baby Einstein from day 1, teachers often mention that students aren't interested in education —they want a personal entertainer. Needless to say, keeping studen.... read more

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Keeping Your Child Engaged When They Suffer From ADHD

Concentration by Milton Bradley
Children suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADHD) have the ability to hyperfocus during certain activities. If you are a parent, you've probably witnessed their intense focus in specific areas.... read more

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Kindergarten has Changed!

Although many parents remember kindergarten as being a place for finger painting and playing with toys, today more and more children are much more educationally prepared for kindergarten than ever bef.... read more

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Free Rice

As important as it is to interact with our children, there will always be those times that they just want to play computer games. We recently stumbled upon one that I wanted to share. FreeRice.com is .... read more

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